Creating Spoonable Spirits

Happy 4th of July Weekend friends. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about creating the idea for Spoonable Spirits. While I always loved the fun and festive nature of Jello shots, it was not until I started working for a Food Network Star that I began experimenting with ways to elevate my favorite college treat. I wanted to create a dessert that brought back sweet nostalgic memories, that was unique and delicious, and that was easy to share at parties and events. I began experimenting with different recipes and types of packaging to take jelly and pudding shots to the next level and make them even more special.

To test the product, I began serving them at my annual Christmas party, at friend's 21st birthdays, and of course at July 4th BBQs. They were always a huge hit and something that everyone looked forward to each year.

Check out some pictures of the early days of "concept testing."


Holiday Party Jello Shots

Serving Lime Margarita and Santa's Red Hot Jelly Shots at my Holiday Party in 2009.

Testing out my red and green jelly shots at my college holiday party (as you can see, they were very popular with my friends).

One of my many holiday mini food tasting events for my friends and family. You can see the red and green jelly shots in the back.

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