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Spoonable Spirits started when founder Kelli Lipson wanted to make party food a lot more fun. Tired of the standard cupcake fare, Kelli set out to re-create— and improve on— her sweetest college memory: Jell-o Shots. So she experimented with recipes until successfully creating her line of fresh and delicious boozy puddings and jellies served in festive mini mason jars. From grown-up renditions of childhood favorites like Birthday Cake (spiked with Cake Vodka) to party-ready showstoppers like Spicy Grapefruit Margarita, Spoonable Spirits will take your party to a whole new level!

Kelli Lipson is a native New Yorker with a lifelong passion for food and entertaining. After extensive courses at the French Culinary Institute and 6 years working for Food Network star Sandra Lee, Kelli brings her dream of owning her own business to life with Spoonable Spirits.